Dr. Thumbay Moideen has been involved in a number of massive humanitarian causes that have played a pivotal role in the upliftment of the economically weaker society, which is a clear testimony of the Corporate Social Responsibilities carried out by the THUMBAY Group under his vibrant leadership.

Notable Initiatives

  • The Care & Share Program of the Gulf Medical University, Ajman
  • The Patient Affairs Department of Thumbay Hospitals
  • The Thumbay Foundation

Education - Sponsorship Of Economically Poor Students For Medical Studies

The Care & Share Program sponsors more than 20% of the medical students every year at GMU, for various courses.

Healthcare- Medical Treatment

The Patient Affairs Department of the Thumbay Hospital network, the first ever such unit in the private sector in U.A.E that has been instrumental in identifying needy patients for free or subsided medical care.

Free Medical & Dental Camps

Thumbay Hospital has been in the forefront of holding regular free health camps, which include free lab tests, free radiology tests and free medicine.

School Education To The Needy In India

Regular assistance is provided to children of several lower economic groups.

Blood Donation Camps

Thumbay Hospitals regularly conduct free blood donation camps to supplement the efforts of government blood banks and other regulatory bodies with regard to voluntary blood donation.

Wellness Weeks

Thumbay Hospitals conduct wellness weeks to promote good health among groups of professional, like teachers, taxi drivers, etc.

Health Awareness Events

Breast Cancer Awareness programs (PINK DRIVE), Healthy Baby Contest and Exhibition, Moms Day Out etc. are some yearly events organized by Thumbay Hospitals. They also partner government bodies and departments in health & safety campaigns.

Coffee on The Wall

Thumbay Group’s Blends & Brews Coffee Shoppe chain has a CSR activity called ‘Coffee on the Wall’ which allows any customer to sponsor one or more extra coffees for visitors who cannot afford to pay.

Community Aid

Distribution of medical supplies to communities.


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